sewing machine
When I was experimenting with wave-guides or some of you know them as Horns, I learned something interesting: Some of them had a 3-Db far field and some other ones had 4. 4 was right. I was considering using them in my show car which is the Camaro. But I studied the horns and figured out how I can do it electronically. That’s when I started experimenting with DSP. Back then, most that imaged and staged well and had stereo were the horn cars. Particularly they were very harsh. That’s because its resonant frequency was 3500hz. That’s the same resonant frequency of a human ear. Also, I learned that when you compress a frequency it wants to go back to its original shape. So that’s putting it into a different time domain. So speakers, you add to them. They would go out of phase at the crossover point which eliminated most of the mid-bass, and there were other things going on too. So I decided to not use them. Years later I figured out how to fix that but it took time. So I started using speakers and time alignment and I was the only one I know of really doing DSP in 1991. They would say my car is not acoustical because of the DSP. So I find it ironic no one uses a wave-guide anymore. And I’m the acoustical believer with the same setup. And people say I don’t like DSP.  It’s just a tool I use to figure things out. ~ Mike Mineo ~

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