Since my very early days music, as well as audio and the accompanying technologies, has inspired and driven me. Thanks to the enduring motivation and support of my parents, I was educated in classical guitar. Armed with this education and several years of guitar playing, I was well prepared to lead my first semi-professional band at the age of 16. Next to my traditional studies, I continued my music by working as an assistant in numerous recording and mixing sessions, learning the ropes of audio engineering in various recording studios and in live sound situations. After earning my A&P license from Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology and numerous courses in electronics, I opened my business where I honed my skills in high end custom pro and car audio.

30 years experience in audio / electronics
Product development
Product management and marketing
Car audio systems designer
Car stereo micro controller interface
Research & development
Custom audio installation
Marketing and sales
Precedence effect testing
Inventor and visionary
Testing engineer
Promotion & brand interest
Low noise analog signal interface circuits
Award-winning audio system tuner


Mike Mineo

Design, fabricate and specialize in components of professional car audio loudspeaker systems including: preamplifiers, audio noise gate, crossovers, line level adapters, analog to digital converters, enclosures, current balanced analog signal isolation and center channel support, acoustic and vibration testing, echo cancellation testing, low volume distortion testing , components, accessories, trouble shooting with the goal and ability to providing solutions, amplification and acoustics.


Mike Mineo*Leading member of Car Audio Facebook Group with over 12000 members from over 40 countries.

*Studio musician and was on Billboard music charts with “Feel The Power” Image, “Holding On” Image and worked with Grammy Award-winning engineer Butch Jones. 

*Master Installer Certification (MECP) with over 700 awards in competition including World Champion Car Audio in IASCA, USACI and WAC. 

*First car audio competitor to achieve a perfect score together for RTA and SPL. 

*Appeared within such esteemed magazines as Stereo Review, Car Audio, Car Sound, Car Stereo Review, Home Audio, and Stereo Hi-Fi

*Other special talents include deep knowledge of Controller Area Network (CAN) and Virtual reality headpiece.